Passenger Ships & Special Purpose Boats

Passenger Ships & Special Purpose Boats

SEBAT METAL, from 1998 until today, various types of boats with the preferred active material in each period produced.

We produce projects under the supervision of the international classification societies, quality, able to using for many years and with depending on users and customer satisfaction has been delivered to Turkish and foreign clients.

Customers always are satisfied with our company competitive prices, our short and reliable delivery dates and our performance.


  • Design
  • Project
  • Turnkey or Partial Construction


  • Passenger Ship
  • Ferryboat
  • Special Purpose Design Boats
  • Various Boats with Steel, Aluminum, GRP, Composite, Epoxy Lamina
  • Trip Type Motor
  • Ocean Type Motor Yacht
  • Displacement Motor Yacht
  • Trawler Motor Yacht
  • 9- 24 meter Suitable for Amateur Boats License
  • Catamaran Floating Homes